Front-End Junior Developer course

A new course to learn front-end development skills in the field

A single path based on the real skills required by companies

Course length

480 hours equal to 60 days, excluding holidays.


The course will be delivered in face-to-face mode


At the end of the course, the trainee, who has successfully completed all modules and taken part in 90% of the activities, will be certified as a Junior Developer.

Course programme

HTML Advanced
CSS advanced

200 hours

React JS
React Native

100 hours


60 hours


60 hours

Web App development
App mobile development

60 hours

Detailed program

The HTML – CSS module enables the trainee to implement static websites and to understand the
understand the functional dynamics of the web. The topics covered range from
fundamentals of the Web and the architecture of different types of websites to all the implementation details of HTML with the
implementation details of HTML with the specifications introduced by HTML5 and all the details of CSS with the
the novelties introduced by CSS3.

Objective: to provide a solid theoretical basis that enables the framework to be architecturally
framework and give practical knowledge that will allow the developer to move with
independence in a React project. At the end of the module the developer should be able to
able to develop a basic project independently.

During the module you will learn how to use the development tools X-Code and Npm, which are useful for
facilitate the writing of programming code.

In this module you will learn about approaches to accelerate the processes which
an idea (such as a new software feature, an enhancement request or a bug fix) from development to deployment in a
from development to deployment in a production environment.

Specific frameworks for application development will be illustrated and used, in order to
to achieve competence in interaction with database applications and in the portability of the
mobile application portability on different platforms.