Welcome to Flower

BPM Engine with the advantage of operating on Front-End technology. Flower is a development tool based on programming through flowcharts, which enables better performance and greater speed.

Better distribution of work

Flower guarantees the distribution of work between the developers of one or more projects, also allowing analysts to visually design the application and develop it in real time with a low-code system. The role of the developer will be limited to the realization of Front-End components which will be the essential parts of each node of the diagram.

How it works

Flower helps to bridge the gap between business and developers. This is made possible by three key elements that enable developers and analysts to be faster and more productive

The benefits of Flower

  • Flower is built on widely used and adopted technologies, so it will take developers very little time to learn how to use it well.
  • Bridges the gap between developer and manager by giving the latter full control over the flow of the application
  • Thanks to the intuitive user interface, even a new developer who has not followed the project can quickly edit all parts of the application code.
  • Managers can make changes without needing to know the code, making the developers' work more efficient.
  • Ensures great cost reduction and high development speed


All applications built with flower are based on the use of micro components. These can be programmed by developers and reused.

By developing micro-components and having the ability to reuse them when needed, software will be produced faster.

This means that the developer of a micro-component does not necessarily have to know the entire logic of the project but can focus exclusively on the development of the micro-component.


Micro-components may be used as building blocks for the construction of the application.

The connections between micro-components will be established by the analyst on the basis of business rules which will determine the type of connection.

The business rules guide the logic by which the micro-components communicate with each other.


The development of the micro-component always ends with the “Next” command.

Once the developer has finished working on the assigned component, he no longer has to worry about the next steps in the project.

The project manager and analysts will decide the business rules.

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